Smells like teen spirit - Ikano triumphs again!

2016-09-29 13:42:43

After winning gold at Ad Blacks Sea, silver at Art Directors Club of Europe, Ikano's commercial video "This is not wine" achieved another success at London International Awards and got silver in the music adaptation category.  Georgian polyphonic version of a legendary song "Smells like teen spirit" was received warmly both by our target audience with hundreds of shares and music critics with favourable reviews on multiple publications.


The idea and execution belongs to Giorgi Popiashvili and the advertising agency Leavingstone

Special thanks to: Tornike Karchkhadze, Giorgi Sibashvili, Tornike Japiashvili, Misho Eliava, Dato Metreveli, Giorgi Ambardnishvili and Film Asylum

You can watch the video here:

Enjoy the full song here:


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