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Our cuisine is a compelling example of traditional and modern culture in the country. It keeps a big tradition, history and philosophy which can’t be shared unless you become a part of the preparation process. Cook for and with your friends and find out the secrets of Georgian cuisine.


Chacha and Khinkali Workshop

Try to put yourself in Georgian farmer's shoes and find out the secret behind the famous Georgian Chacha. 

  • Chacha preparation – One bottle of 350ml Chacha for each person
  • Khinkali preparation – 5 per persons
  • Tasting of self-prepared Chacha with self-prepared Khinkali


Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Minimal number of guests – 10


Georgian bread preparation

Share bread with your friends. Sharing becomes even more important when you prepare it with your hands.  

  • 3 breads per person
  • Tasting of fresh Georgian bread with Georgian Cheese Guda and glass of white


Duration – 40 minutes

Minimal number of guests – 5.

Churchkhela and Pelamushi preparation

Try to prepare the most popular Georgian desserts. Enjoy the fun process and a tasty result.

  • 5 Churchkhelas for each person
  • One small bowl of Pelamushi tasting


Duration – 1 hour

Minimal number of guests – 10